Friday Night Dinner Concert: RIVER STREET!

Friday, April 26: Friday Dinner Concert. Prix fixe Dinner. Musical entertainment by River Street Band, which features bits of Jazz, bits of nostalgia…….. .”From Doo Wop to Jazz Pop” a new Show featuring “RIVER STREET”. Call for dinner reservations.


Workshop Wednesday

The Big Easel has relaunched the 2019 Workshop Wednesday program, dedicated to Artists teaching their craft to others. This year, the theme concentrates on artists sharing their vision, and leading others through their path of creativity. Stephen Wysocki, Johanna Axelrod, Judy Gozs, Chad Forrest, Connie Friesen and others are guides. Dates and details to be announced. Watch for the exciting offerings……..

Friday, April 12: Dinner Concert “UNWOUND” has been canceled due to SNOW!

Unwound will be rescheduled for a later date!

Prix Fixe Dinner. Musical guests “UNWOUND”, duo Peter & Gloria Pivonka.
You’ll be treated to music from Traditional and Contemporary acoustic composers, fingerstyle guitar and the tight, rich harmonies that characterize their performance.
Their versatile style includes blues, rock, classic rock, traditional and contemporary folk and ballad tunes.