Stepping out with September events

Meet us at the Band Shell this Wednesday, September 11, 5:30 -7:30…The final Wabeno Band Shell Wednesday Concert. RIVER STREET is performing with special guests Linda Boatright and Ken Nelson! Hot Beef Sandwiches, Chili, Brats and Libations will be available..bring a sweater as we close out 2019’s Band Shell Season ‘again’…we mean it this time…maybe…

September 14: 8th annual FESTI-FALL in Lakewood, so much to see and do, music and food, including River Street performing at the Candy Shop where also the BIG EASEL will offer smoked pulled pork boxed lunches!

After FESTI-FALL, come to the BIG EASEL for our Texas Style Barbeque on Saturday Night Chefs table….working menu: Soup, New Braunfels Sausage with American Girl Mustards, Southwest Succotash, Brisket, BBQ Prawns, Ribs, and all the Fixins!!!

September 19: 3rd Thursday Theatre, Daniel Boatright production: what is Well Red/Well Fed/Well Bread/ Well Read/Well Spread/ Well Said…. you will experience something very Souper…rustic in-house Bread too!!


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