Saturday, June 24 “Festa de Sant’Andrea”

Join us at the Big Easel Gallery & Bistro this Saturday night, June 30th

Twice a year on the Amalfi coast of Italy, natives celebrate the FESTA DE SANT’ANDREA, the Patron Saint of fishermen. We will be mirroring the June celebration with a phenomenal Chef’s Table!


Amalafi Chicken atop Risotto

Goliath Shrimp di limencello

Parade Salad

Pesto Ravioli

Celebration Salat


Dungeness Crab/Seared Mammoth Scallops/Italian Green Beans/ Pasta con Pepe

Espresso Mousse

Music by the incomparable, though not Italian, GARY BAUM!

Reservations strongly suggested, please call 715 889 1179


Don’t forget to join us for Sunday Brunch from 10:30-1:00


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